The science of cannabis

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  • The science of cannabis

      Karl Rumbold and Philasande Cele

     Publisher: Journal of Indigenous and Shamanic Studies

    Pub: 2020-12-29 11:49:21

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  • For reasons we are all too familiar with, cannabis has taken the spot as one of the least researched plants in peer-reviewed literature. The gap in peer-reviewed research is currently being addressed as new legislations favours growing of cannabis and encourages scientists to submit proposals for research to public funding bodies. Many questions are currently being addressed, including, but not limited to: Can cannabinoids cure cancer and other non-communicable diseases? How effective are cannabinoids in pain treatment? Is cannabis an untapped resource for mental health? How important is cannabis fibre and oil as a source for sustainable materials and commodities? The list of questions is endless, owing to the huge gap between historical and anecdotal as well as circumstantial evidence on the one side, and laboratory, field-based and clinical research (or lack thereof) on the other. In this article we address some of these questions and narrow down to the main scientific channels through which cannabis performs its most effect actions.

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