Cannabis : a multidimensional plant

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  • Cannabis : a multidimensional plant

      Imhotep Paul Alagidede

     Publisher: Journal of Indigenous and Shamanic Studies

    Pub: 2020-12-29 10:40:54

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  • Of the beneficial plants known to man, Cannabis (Ganja) remains one of the most controversial, most derided and yet, its properties and ultimate role are the least understood. Except for a few places, the wisdom herb is banned in some countries. While its consumption may lead to incarceration in many forms, the entheogenic, medicinal and economic value of Cannabis remain uncontested. Interestingly, its presumed harmful effects are very minuscule, and sometimes overstated. At our current state of knowledge, the economics (Ganjanomics) and the science behind the herb’s use, misuse and abuse are murky, and often shrouded in superstition, misinformation and outright obfuscation of the facts. The ultimate goal in any serious scientific endeavour is to arrive at a verifiable truth. Against the aforementioned backdrop, the Journal of Indigenous and Shamanic Studies (JISS) announces to the world the birth of a new platform for engaging in healthy and vibrant discussion and analysis of traditional and non-traditional topics of research, teaching, policy advocacy and learning that would lead to the truth. It is in this light that our first issue focusses on a miraculous plant like Cannabis that tends to heal the sick, calm the afflicted and above all, has the largest income and productivity multiplier for national and world economic growth. The story of Cannabis’ role in human history and its evolutionary path in the past four decades has been characterised by mistruths. It is now time to unveil the mystery and to put the light on the fundamental themes that should spur the debate on the multidimensional aspects of Cannabis.

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